no daddy dearest
redemption doesn't translate well · 04/17

Being made in his image came at a cost. Kept awake by it was one of them. Arriving by lack of courtesy was price paid to live in as the ruler of Nathan's life. Through the parallels of time and space that caused the continued mocking of a legacy, he was reminded no sooner than having to be put on the defense. A case pled one after another only resulted in manifesting fear. Not on his end when fear had a small place that only danced teasingly when important people in his life were in danger. It wasn't the case at current but who's to say when? A mega threat had been wiped out temporarily last fall, and not much else supported resurrection for another to rise. He was more concern with having to go through another act of turmoil as catastrophic to the home he made. In the physical sense and one in spirit. It changes with the times. The trends switch to the next and there beyond a shadow of a doubt, he had less than one task to fulfill as the week turned anew. 

He claimed confidence in tracking her down. Rummaging through and finding the trail she left too warm before it turned hot. For someone who didn't want to be bothered, clubbed on doing so. He realized then what he was dealing with and had to do so accordingly but reasoning had no place. Not in the eyes of the young woman, he seen day in and day out as the living reminder of a rough bud named Rose. Slade's trip back home was going to run late after the run in made complicated. His appearance was startling as he took it because it came at the expense of aggression and almost being attacked for existing. His rep would always proceed him and he made due with riding on that wave of past existence when it mattered, but in the case of making a simple courtesy check, it didn't. 

His sleight of hand was none. The trouble hidden up his sleeves were non-existent. As intentions did not come across as pure in eyes that looked like his, he only offered his step back. To breathe, do whatever it was to come off of the high that fiddled with senses and the rationale to think simpler than it seemed she had been. He observed, grew impatient for someone who had it in spades, and couldn't be moved else until frustration caused for a lapse in judgement. It made sense then. A full on memory assault was underway and he caused it by slipping from the shadows and into immediate line of fire that could erupt on sight. 

The evading, the back talk, and having the finger pointed in his face, might as well be his eye socket for the troubles he caused. Not only for her but a bunch of teenagers that had little to no business being in business they weren't suitable for. He thought about it while hinting that Nathan's better judgment was keeping him merely in line while still having a taste of medicine that he couldn't completely escape from. There were motives that didn't involve turning the kid who was at the forefront to follow through from his image and with voicing it through and through, there was only one way to find resolve before the loosened cracks took her in quicker than he could grab.

Slade slumped in his vehicle, running back the turn of the evening to where he had been know. Stay away from me, Slade. I'm not going to fall for your tricks again. Smoke filled the blank space of the car, getting out the rest he could while her words were small pulses of old truths. She could be right, at some point. Not in the moment as his trickery was used for other vehicles to drive his pockets wider than they were. It never included his family until they gave him a reason to or fell in line for which they had no choice but to. There's always an angle with you, dad, he shook his head. Wishing for one time that being reminded of paternity didn't cut him two ways deep. Nathan desperately was forward to make amends and help Slade through the phase of his life that he believed warranted second and third chances. It wasn't going to be easy, he knew. He was going to get a multiple story wall and a kick back worth a dozen bucking mules of teenage angst, he understood.

It was the least karma could do. And what he felt the need to was take heed until she came around. Until the bridge was secure with better material as it had been irreparably burned to the point of no return. He had hope. The small amount of it saved over from the day he knew. The moment that memories crossed as well did the dark hold keeping Slade away would let him remain. All this time, since..Rayna came into Nate's life, if it's easy for you to even grasp because you're so fuckin' high strung, he had no ill intentions with her. Matter of fact, it's the same intentions I've adopted because this is my clean slate. I have too much to lose here to work some angle with you or the people I keep close to me…. Slade laughed at his own attempt at being Hallmark with his words. They weren't tender in the slightest although it bore truth. The only truth he was able to work with. His bargaining chip because he wasn't just speaking to Rose but to Rayna as well as she was unable to consolidate the two just yet.

"Well, fuck me sideways," he echoed between flits of smoke. At least he had a good laugh at his own expense. Enough to take his mind off the rest of the unstable conversation but there was that seasoning addition of hope. A dash was enough but he didn't hold much of his breath or wanting to charge the kid for tearing through his jeans. For that was forgivable and he didn't think the old him, the one that still prattled on being ruthless without saying so, would let it slide. Not even if the same blood ran through their veins. Leniency was going to be the olive branch. Keeping his distance during weeks of warring personalities and bullshit raining down on the city. His head was leveled and had to be. Not for the sake of himself anymore but for the outlook of a better future if there was ever going to be another made in his image.