when birdie sings
making up comes with consequences · 2/21

The effects weren't wearing off anytime soon and that's where the confusion all rushed in while he sat forward as much as he possibly could. When he felt for her hand, he clutched it enough not wanting to let go; not wanting to break it either. Shaken as if he found himself in a room and a bomb went off, the pitch of her wail was damaging and became the destructive force that brought conflict to his manhood without signs of deescalating. Eyes blinked from watering as he caught her in his single line of sight before it went off to the side the moment she tried to see where the infliction occurred. Her palm to his stubbled face, turning head against his will, knowing he wanted to see. More than anything, hear her question of worry. Unable to see for himself, fluid escaped from his ear and gutted he felt. Less for his injury and more for how upset Isla was, while he was working through the pain of it all.

He was less concerned about healing or what was going to happen once his body escaped shock and started mending itself. Words were loud and repetitive, 'I can't hear' hoping he could catch vibrations of his voice or hers but it was all a hard muffle. Frustrating lined in with urge of becoming reactionary but he endured worse or done so in another life. Nathan had to put some distance between himself and her before acting out in a way that would further ruin their Sunday. Left with giving her hand another squeeze, he got up carefully. On the way towards the bathroom, balled up clothes were captured. The disoriented walk felt like a death trek until he hid in quiet of the bathroom.

Unknowingly unprepared for the outcome of what sex caused, ruptured his entire drums and the onset horror stretched over his face the moment he caught a glimpse of self in the mirror. Side profile reflected, crimson stopping just near the edge of his jaw as he couldn't hear the water streaming from the faucet. It ran, splattering against the sink while finding its exit down the drain. He couldn't control heavy breaths or the increase rate as his heart decided to rip through his chest. The shakes were visible and so were the interruption of faded memories that leeched on his subconscious to feed and feed until he felt the nodes of sanity melt away again.

His hands trembled as he gripped the porcelain sink, unmentionable force he couldn't gauge began crushing the vanity that held the basin in place. Pressure had no way of halting once the damage was done and he heard nothing beyond what it felt like to have his head under water while clogging took effect. Panting and near close to passing out, hands dipped in the water, splashing his face to revive himself from going under. From falling where he stood. Not by the sight of blood, no his stomach could handle it but something entirely unexplainable.

Adrenaline filled him without notice, and he was reaching levels of panic while coping with what transpired. Barely clothed, let alone still entangled mentally with being close as one could be in the most physical sense, was a suffering that absorbed most of his energy than what the acts of love making could do. The space was killing him as a reaction of being pulled away from more than an attracting force. He disliked leaving her out there. The dislike for a surprised impairment was strong, burning him up as he had no one or one thing to place this blame upon. An arrival of a rapture shook the sheets of glass with a frequency shattering the unit and killing the heat of the room he escaped from.

Just in the bathroom alone he could feel the draft slip beneath the door, raising hair against his bare form. He lessened the thought of long term but in the moment where he wanted to gather all bearings, couldn't find one solid leg to stand on  when his concerns of her trail of tears were silent after a damaging cry filled the room. Automatic replays kept him up when the mirror's reflection sharpened giving him a peak's view of four day old stubble, lack of sleep, and a crack of what anger was beginning to look like. His options flipped upward, and he picked one that didn't include crumbling on the floor next to broken chunks left of the porcelain sink.

some hours later
Avoidance was a long line walked. Where she disappeared to another part of the house, he remained on the opposite end. A shower wasn't enough to cull the sickness left but some time between then and now, lessened the buzzing to continue going down the road of destructive behavior. What started as making up ended with another wedge jamming it's way between the two. His tiredness for foreseeable and unseen factors showed, clearly motivating him to find a job to do while he was of some use. He heard faint noises but nothing fully to warrant his hearing restored. It wasn't. Annoyed, he was ready to cut off both ears and deal with another impairment if healing didn't accelerate as quickly as he wanted. Gradually the delicate organ was repairing and he worried if it would be the same.

Glass swept in a dust pan and emptied in a small trash, Nathan looked around the room's layout in attempt to pinpoint what else broke under higher frequencies. Curtains rippled under the breeze that continued rushing through the window. The chill danced along his arm, muscle tensed in the process. Looking out the shattered exit, his view of the neighborhood did little to ease his scrambled wits. Sweeping commenced, pushing shards away, further from the wall and into the carrier of its transport. His staying there wouldn't last long because he sunk deeper into a detached system of existing. His departure would be needed, better than a walking reminder of a person physically hurt when he knew it would be fine sooner than later. The dust from the last crumbs of glass emptied in the pail. A harsh realization tempted him to move out faster after the contents settled at the bottom. Visually he saw it as a sign of their future if something did not give.