a bonding moment
itching for a planned escape · 3/23

Blinded by events that led ‎to inhaling notes of rust, must, and a dialed up hint of what could be a fresh wound, woken him from the less than quaint slumber. What was supposed to be the last evening, the big bang of a ten day safari experience, ended in the rings of metal bracelets then thrown in what could've been a cage. No more than five men ordered to remain in a run down cell, felt like quadruple the size as his senses were more than hyperactive. It made him sick to his stomach or peaked with a pounding headache, the more that Nathan couldn't bear to see his cell mate struggling to be free.

Men of the Arusha town was there, along with two white guys that probably had no business getting into fisticuffs over an entitled Diplomat that deserved more than a broken nose. By memory of sight, sound, and overall weariness of the evening that missed their significant others, it all came back to him as eyes watered from the new sensitivity. It was balmy, humid than he could explain or he just needed to be hydrated. Squinted look gave way to Liam, likely still inebriated like the rest of them in that box, but Nathan felt all too sober to function. He needed out. They needed out and he knew of a way, if only the guards left an opportunity for it.

Defying odds was part of his legacy and translated into the world he's known before carrying on parts of his more superior self. The tactical sense was more by nurture, recalling memories exposed by the very place that was considered a privileged resort. Most were bad, others good, but the current in place would make for a better story to tell his kid when their relationship was at a place of being that open. While paying attention to the shifts the authorities were taken, he pretended to be asleep, drunk even, fighting the grab of overwhelming heaviness that senses brought on. He knew the women they were on the trip with would have feared of their whereabouts or ready to kill them for ditching the meet up spot.

His opportunity would come up quick and he turned just enough to elbow Liam sharply to rouse him out of his drunken sleep. "Wake the fuck up, we have to get out of here." Another sharp elbow was given under the guise of trying to stretch and limit any attention to wave over the two. The how looked simple except not having the foresight strongly in place to feel more confident with what he was going to do. He held his head to limit the sharp sting of footsteps pounding against unclean pavement or the groaning by a man in absolute agony, stabbing him in the audio canal. He held onto the moment but felt the faint nudge back at him, a signal that his buddy in this mess was well aware and feigning drunkenness.

The same guard on duty was out of sight and also out of range, only Nate strained to latch onto the distance of his breathing. The further away he was, the fainter it became. Ringing of cuffs weren't going to keep him bound as it almost was an afterthought about the portion of self that was less than weak, easy to approach snapping the chain, but heard the links go off and sprinkle to the floor beside him. Wincing from its decent to impact, eyes wildly tired widened at the man next to him. Voice caught in his throat in disbelief but also in an amused way but they had no time to sit and gander at the oddities and not convenient tools of themselves. First to rise, he kept his steps void of sound, and found release by giving way to the cuffs that were tight enough to bore into skin. With a heavy sigh he pried the metal bracelets off but did so while in the corner away from eyes.

Working through landing any handling on the extra sensitivities that were unavoidable, he detected a medley of sounds that was ringing like an off key symphony. Just focusing on one alone while he only had a good eye to shoot for a different but flawed perception, slowed his efforts. Silently he dropped the damaged clinks of metal beside him on an empty bench and kneeled from dizziness. He quickly motioned to Liam to get closer before he messed up the timing by attempting to weaken the bars keeping them all in. His first attempt was delayed, trying to measure the lengths his strength would go but never done so full out back home and when it first latched on to him.

Nathan narrowed his gaze towards Liam, and pointed to the bars, a weak point near the lock was always a best target, especially with a few bent bars already in place. Hands gripped the iron rods, calloused mitts pulling to give it a go, making the strength of the alloy exhausted by the fight. Like stretching out his arms in the span of pulling away, the bars gave and a chorus of screeching hit him while doing so. Displeasure shown on his face when stepping away to ease strain not only from his body but the mental capacity of juggling what was what, including the foot falls of two authoritative figures sharing a laugh just straight down the beaten hall.

"Come on! Whatever the fuck you just did with that, do the same with theses bars," words hissed well below a whisper and unhinged, issuing a plea in not the most polite way. Politeness wasn't in the deck while trying to distort the bars in a way that would allow both men their first steps of freedom. Nathan looked behind, then just at the side of the few bars still tampered with. He knew they couldn't rely on just one force and had to coordinate to get out before the personnel patrolling that short wing would find his way back.

In the space where he served by following the influx of intertwining memories was the space that seemed to take over. In almost a dream like state he felt out of body while the unthinkable to a human being was happening. In any predicament that was occurring on foreign soil, especially that in Tanzania, would go down in a bank of memories that he could at least flip through. Out of body was the heightened place he felt of existing while the other accessory to their stupid crime, was pulling off a miracle. Stretching bars rattled like heavy artillery sounding off and so would the yells of men after they would get to them in their pursuit of an escape.

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