something smells funny
tip-toeing on irrational suspicions · 04/09

Hours ago, a schedule detailed for work was forfeited for quality time. Not many hours in a day gave space for being summoned here and there by obligation. Units of predictable intervals chugged along making the decision to be swayed to stay home. He had an excuse to leave the studio. To go when called because not many moments were given into the embrace of desires that would release as many endorphins to strangle away stress. Engaging in commitments of lust resulted in a night of ravishing the flesh between husband and wife. Setting aside the stresses of running businesses or day to day jobs sold off the books, Nate was going to throw away his routine to take care of his wife with a promise of the same being done to him.

There was more to doing so and it started with the wish that established growth. Taking a small idea and watching imagination run completely wild. This happened the morning after what seemed to be an endless night of love making. Watching the lethargic way she curled up beside him especially trying to escape the trapped heat of the bed, roused him. He had his body on a strict schedule. Get up before the sun passed through the curtains. Take care of the house of animals. Hit the showers. Make coffee and the many choices of breakfast to satiate a hunger that punched deep into his gut.

He had to check the laundry after forgetting about it. Make some calls. Read a few passages from a book he picked up on a whim and plan how the back yard would be prepped for the introduction to warmer days. All of this transpired following a long deserved shower, curious as to why his mate never bothered to rise. Not by the scent of coffee. The flagrant scent of French toast. Any trail of homemade hash that was a smorgasbord of ingredients sans any eggs. None of it got her to rise or complain about not remaining in bed. He took multiple trips from the room as the hours were chipped away. He was a reminder, an alarm to signal a wake up even when the day was following into early noon.

He shouldn't have felt paranoid when checking in on her one more time. Receiving groans masked as cavewoman talk. Motioning him to go away or let her rest more. Nate was understanding to a certain extent and tried his best not to be his worst. Militant and coercion tactics that borderline on being a shithead than usual. That all crashed and burned when he was stuck in place as his own anxieties started to agitate a level of sight he tried to ignore for the longest. Like a flicker of time intangible to reach for but suddenly playing outward, shown the moment he caught a suspicious screening for what had yet to come. Predictability unfolding right before his good idea. The room shrunk just as so, stunned by time as events spilled out in a way he was unsure to be true or not.

Calculating and unable to move with stage that was set in motion, he was forced to watch it in projection. Violently thrown in his line of sight like an involuntary film to watch. Her exiting out of bed in a sped down manner when the rush of getting out of bed drew peculiar conclusions. A race to the bathroom after being hit with exhaustion that was less to do with their passion filled night but more than that in particular. He had hints of difference on his nose well before the day's hour reached its peak in the afternoon. He tried to react to the forward views of time but mistakenly took pace before the foot of the bed while remnants of it played in his head like like a football reel. She still slept, with little signs of an ailment that he scratched his head. Drawing closer to the cause of the fishiness that crowed his cranium was more rattling that settling on the sole reason.

Sight narrowed and he shook his head as the room expanded back to normal, the hazy ghost of what if shrunk to nothingness. Grunting some from frustration and pure hopes leaning in a direction that seemed unlikely he walked out before waking up a beauty who's cry was more beastly than his sensitive ears could bear. The door closed behind gently, moving down the hall there after. He pressed fingers through his rough bed of hair and jogged down the stairs to walk out the possibilities other than certain symptoms that were on the horizon. Nate was bemused by it, actually curious but pressing the issue would only throw expectations in the air that were uncertain to begin with. His tracks went from the upper level to base, widening the distance. Not for the air. Not to avoid the suggested scent but to process like he always relied upon. Shoving it away, filed for a different time.