if the house wins
a talk over a card game · 08/16

Brushing up on many things took him from running numbers in his head and juggling the future with the other. Adept in the game, he preferred doing so as it involved a lesson in life. Lessons that revealed truths and done so about any existence. The hard facts of it and where to use those skills to navigate around it. It been some time he was swindled by the young soon to be teen and still to this day, being part of the Castiel household, there was a hole left open. A door of sorts that needed a hinge or two changed for it to close properly. And allow the drafts not to seep through. It was how he felt when ideas of family was present. The theme played a reoccurring part through not only his days but with the likes of Slade heavily on his back.  Pushing him to do better for the both and much better for the crazy life he decided he couldn't keep living if Blondie wasn't around for it.

Food on the stove was on a simmer and what had been thrown in the oven was roasting. He checked on it periodically until safely thinking it was fine to step away. His hands had to be busy. Head did that on his own and lately was moving miles between seconds not giving him a chance to ease down from any rapid racing and that by his heart. A deck of cards folded between palms, shuffling to steady his thoughts. He smirked thinking what an employee suggested by stocking up on fidget toys but he declined doing so. Scoffed at childish knick knacks that would soon find its way out the door for the next fad to replace it.

Twitching of the ears alerted him of bodies filing through the door. He overheard conversation clearly in passing and stayed back to lean against the counter, shuffling the deck of cards. Towel tossed over his shoulder and arms jacked whilst  exercising his hands. He wasn't expecting the ladies of the house to make it before he was complete with dinner but it made all the better to run a few things off his chest for moving forward replacing those hinges with new ones.

Single eye caught up towards the opening of the kitchen, immediately nodding to Cyn as she walked pass the threshold to reach the fridge. He caught a nod as well and wave. Nate shuffled and shuffled, cards zipping between his hands while keeping watch. Not the best authoritative figure, but he found an ounce of concern where he could. Even speaking up about the rummaging going on in the fridge.

"Dinner will be ready soon. Don't spoil it by plundering for junk." Nate suggested and moved from the counter to find the dining table that was just outside of the kitchen.  Waving towards Cyn to join him before he took a seat and kicked the other out. To a bit of his surprise she showed and slowly copped a seat across from him. "You remember how to play? Don't kill me by saying no," he lowered his gruff tone and shuffled the deck before splitting it to two.

"I remember.  Are we playing for money? I need a new tablet, Nate."

"Jesus fuckin' Christ, kid. I haven't drawn the first hand yet and we're already talking about money?"

" What can I say. I'm Isla's child. Deal me in old man!" Nate almost smiled. Almost. He could have but had other pressing matters to finagle between the two. Two cards were dealt towards Cyn, one faced suit up and the other down. He pulled two cards himself in the same fashion awaiting for the cue to draw another from the deck.  

"Had fun today? Hit or stand?"

"Yup. Hm…hit." He did so, passing over another card face down after checking his own with a peak. He was at a 19 and quirked a brown upward gauging her face. Both were unreadable and couldn't fault her for it while he sense debate in her body language rather than the expression on her face.

"See or do anything interesting?"

"School shopping. New clothes and stuff. Stopped at a bakery after. Girl talk. Important business."

"What business?" He asked. " From your hesitation you either want to stand or hit but risking it might put you in the bust category. So what will it be?"  

He watched her hesitate. To either answer his question or ignore it. As much as he's tried to make his presence as inviting, he understood how difficult it could be typically. How uneasy his demeanor was of a preying hound. Shoulders relaxed and noted her discomfort was showing. She wanted to say something and he had words if spoken. "Isla said you want a family," she blurted out then holding her cards to herself.

"I do, with her. Yeah sure." He let out in a whistle then scratched his beard feeling the pressure. "I know it's probably hard to believe about making a family with your mom. I have a kid already. She's an adult and due to certain circumstances out of my hand, I missed out on a lot. We're playing catch up so it's different." Nathan twitched his nose smelling the roast in the oven hit him sharply which distracted him from his thought. Cyn looked on with a narrowed glare. Almost intrigued or it could have been judgment, Nate couldn't make it out. He probably had a lot to go over while keeping one secret to his chest about another kid that grew up right under his nose but he would make room to tackle that another time.

"Where does that put me? I think I'm going to stand," Cyn retorted and sat up a little straighter.

"Right in the middle if you want. Where you oughta be. It's what the two of us spoke about at length. Only right and makes everything legit. Complete if you wanna see it that way." Nathan flipped over a jack of clubs and a nine of hearts awaiting for her hand to reveal itself. There was that hesitancy again he picked up on. Either from commenting on what he said or revealing her hand completely. There were choices now out of his hands.

All of them sparked from an idea. One of a few that coasted with how to familiarize with what had been important in change. To make the wrongs right and fulfill what the two adults built after a couple of years together. He spoke of ways he had not imagine being where they were at current but felt nothing anything of a complete picture. He narrowed his gaze at her. She did the same, sizing up the guy that would be the one to adopt if she had him.

"House loses! I'll take an iPad by the way." She showed her hand with a culling smirk, parting a ten of diamonds, a five of diamonds, and five of hearts. All cards were lain along the table and Nathan raised a brow, unmoved by the lucky win. Cyn tapped her chin after rising from the table. "I told her I'll think about it, Nate."

"Sure. Go get ready for dinner. Food is almost done." Arms folded over his chest and he leaned back into the chair nearing to tip it back on its back legs while balancing. He spared any dejection with the matter hanging in the air and on top of one young girl's answer. He waved her off playfully as he was the last person left in the kitchen. Footsteps and movements carried by all that lived in that house, animals included. One day, if it were in the cards, the wailing of an infant would follow.

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